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Would you like to share your family’s story of ‘living well’ with depression

Friday, 08 March 2019


Please join our study if you work or study at ECU and have a family member who has depression.

About the study

The aims of this study are to explore:

  • what ‘living well’ with depression means to individuals making up the family;
  • support mechanisms within families that have promoted well-being, and how family members maintain their own mental health and wellness;
  • factors that have helped promote, sustain, maintain well-being in the family; and
  • how health professionals can identify and support families living with depression.

Do you have time to share your story in a one-to-one interview?

An overview of the interview questions can be provided, and you are able to withdraw from completing the study at any point without repercussions.

Exclusion criteria: the family member with depression.

For any questions regarding participation or the research project, please contact:

Further information

Mental illness is not only confined to the person living with the condition as an isolated and intrapersonal issue, it is also an interactive and reciprocal process affecting all family members. Identifying and exploring what families and individuals do to 'live well' (from a family perspective) with mental illness, could have positive outcomes and empower other families, and the broader community in the promotion and maintenance of positive mental health for individuals and families.

Understanding the nature and etiology of the strengths of flourishing families may provide therapeutic insights for promoting strengths and support of individuals, family members, and families as a 'whole unit' living with mental illness. This study will therefore focus on the positive well-being of individuals and families living with depression.  There is a paucity of studies exploring the family’s experience through a ‘positive lens’ that focuses on healthy family functioning and concepts of wellness when living with mental illness. To date, there have been no studies which have addressed depression from an individual member’s perspective on the families’ experience/perspective using narrative inquiry with analysis from within and across family case studies.  The outcomes from this study will have the potential to provide additional understanding and insight into families and family members with mental health issues and their care through the perspective and experiences of those family members and individuals who live with, and provide support for the person with the mental illness.

This project has ethical approval from the Edith Cowan University Human Research Ethics Committee – project number (19926) June 2018.


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