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No Formal Agreement Required

For  low risk and ad hoc WIL activities (i.e. Placement Providers being used once off for a very short period of time), a Student Practicum Risk Assessment and Management form may be used to document the placement.

An agreement will be appropriate if the WIL activities:

  • are not ad hoc/one off arrangements;
  • involve payments between the parties;
  • have specific supervision requirements required by the relevant accrediting body;
  • occur in clinical settings or high risk settings;
  • there is a requirement by an accrediting body for placements to be documented by an agreement; and
  • ECU will require examples of the work produced by student on placement for assessment purposes.

The Student Practicum Risk Assessment and Management form is not an employment agreement. In placement arrangements where the student will be subject to a contract of employment with the Placement Provider, the Placement Provider is responsible for the employment contract including insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

In the event that the student is employed by the Placement Provider, please consider whether the student will need to produce work examples from their placement for assessment. In these situations, a licence to use that work may be required from the Placement Provider.

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