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Formal Agreement Required

A formal agreement with a Placement Provider is generally required where the WIL activities:

  • are not ad hoc/one off arrangements;
  • involve payments between the parties;
  • have specific supervision requirements required by the relevant accrediting body;
  • occur in clinical settings or high risk settings;
  • there is a requirement by an accrediting body for placements to be documented by an agreement; and
  • ECU will require examples of the work produced by student on placement for assessment purposes.

Legal and Integrity has prepared templates. If you are unsure which template is most appropriate, please liaise with Legal and Integrity through the Operations Manager.

Please liaise with Legal and Integrity if the Placement Provider requests material amendments to an ECU template or wishes to proceed on their own template.

Before commencing negotiations with the Placement Provider, please check to see if the Provider please check if there is already an agreement in place between the University and the Provider. If there is an agreement in place with the Placement Provider covering other disciplines, please liaise with Legal and Integrity for advice as to whether that agreement should be varied to extend to other disciplines or whether a separate discipline specific agreement would be appropriate.

Before commencing negotiations with a Placement Provider:

  • ECU must be satisfied that he propose WIL activity will provide student the with the opportunity to achieve the relevant learning outcomes;
  • Appropriate risk assessment processes have been carried out and ECU is satisfied that the Placement Provider is a reputable organisation and will provide a safe environment for students; and
  • The Placement Provider has appropriate insurance coverage.
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