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External Placement Procedures

Placement Coordinators are expected to liaise with the External Placement Providers in the first instance when seeking appropriate WIL activities for their students. These communications must include reference to the ECU requirements in relation to WIL in order to proceed to a formalised arrangement.

The Placement Provider must demonstrate evidence of compliance against legislative requirements and an appropriate health and safety practice within their organisation that is conducive to a safe working environment.

The Placement Coordinator will then prepare any applicable risk management checklist and confirm the following matters with the Placement Provider:

  • That the Placement Provider will provide a formal health and safety induction to students on site;
  • The Placement Provider has  documented policies or documents regarding conduct and health and safety management practices will be made available;
  • Confirmation in writing regarding supervision arrangements;
  • There is documented evidence that the Placement Provider has an OS&H risk management approach in place which aligns to the students tasks and activities on site;
  • Confirmation that the Placement Provider will comply any requirements for the WIL placement imposed by any applicable accrediting body;
  • That personal protective equipment at no cost to the student will be provided if appropriate for the tasks or activities undertaken by the student;
  • That the learning outcomes and assessment requirements for the applicable WIL Placement have been communicated to the Placement Provider;
  • That the Placement Provider agrees to cooperate to the extent necessary to facilitate the assessment requirements for the relevant unit; and
  • That the student will not undertake any task or activity prohibited by ECU.

ECU has various standard external placement provider checklists and templates for use when formalising an arrangement between the University and the Placement Provider. For WIL placements operating in a clinical or health setting where students have access to the Placement Provider’s patients and clients, the ‘External Student Placement Agreement Template’ should be used.  For placements that are primarily office based, a template ‘Letter Agreement’ would be appropriate. If you have questions as to which template should be used, please direct enquiries to the relevant Operations Manager in the first instance who can liaise with Legal and Integrity if necessary.

The University acknowledges that there will be instances when the Placement Provider will wish to use their own agreement template. This template must be submitted to both our Legal and Integrity  for review via the relevant School’s Operations Manager  prior to use.  In the event that a Placement Provider requests material amendments to an ECU approved template, please seek advice from Legal & Integrity via the School’s Operations Manager.

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