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A teleconference is a telephone meeting among three or more participants who may be on-campus, off-campus or both. 

Teleconference from your desk

You can conduct a teleconference with up to three participants from your desk phone. Follow these steps:

  1. During a call, press the Conference button to put the first call on hold.
  2. Dial the number of the person you wish to conference with.
  3. When the new person connects, press the Conference button again to add the new call to the conference. 

More information about using your desk phone is available on our Desk phones web page.

If you have more than three participants in the teleconference you can organise it through Telstra who will call and connect all participants on your behalf. Contact Telstra by dialling 1800 011 080.

You will be asked to provide your extension number. This is for billing purposes so rather than the number you are calling from please provide your desk number.

Teleconference from a meeting room

Most meeting and conference rooms have conference phones however some other the smaller meeting rooms have phones which can be operated in the same way as your desk phone. 

More information and instructions on how to operate the different phones is available on our Desk phones web page.

Teleconference in the Council Chambers

When organising a teleconference call in the Council Chambers you will need to:

  • Book the venue through Room Allocator.

The Council Chambers’ teleconference phone number is: (61 8) 6311 0905.

Council chambers user guides

Do you need IT Help? Check out the IT Support and Advice page.

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