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eduroam is a worldwide wireless network, allowing staff and students from participating institutions to connect to wireless networks when visiting other participating institutions.

Who has eduroam?

eduroam is used by many Australian and international universities. You can verify if the institutions you are visiting are a member of the eduroam federation by viewing the institution links on this page.

Connecting to eduroam

When travelling to another participating institution you can connect to an eduroam network using your ECU Login ID followed by ‘’ and your password. For example, if your ECU Login ID name is jsmith9 you would type ''.

You will need to configure your wireless device to the wireless network on the participating institutions campus. Download the guide below if you need assistance with this.

Make sure you have the VPN software installed and tested before you visit another institution if you want to connect back to the ECU network. To find out how to connect to ECU's VPN, please visit 'Connecting remotely to ECU'. 

ECU visitor connections

Visitors to ECU can connect to the eduroam wireless network using their username and password from their home institution. Their username should be entered in the format:

Support and advice

If you would like more information or wish to lodge a request or report an incident, please see our 'Support and Advice' page.

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