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Recruiting interstate or overseas staff

ECU can coordinate a range of services to newly-appointed staff that will ensure their safe and secure transfer, including their family and agreed personal items, to Perth, from anywhere in the world.

It is at the discretion of the University to nominate, prior to undertaking any recruitment activities, those positions and/or successful applicants that are eligible to be considered for relocation assistance.

These services include:

  • Travel - all arrangements associated with the transport of an appointee and family to Perth.
  • Removal - all arrangements associated with the packing, insurance, transport, storage and unpacking of household and personal effects.
  • Relocation - a range of orientation services that assist an appointee and family to establish themselves in a new city, including temporary accommodation on arrival, home search, job search for partner, school search and social networking.

Mobilising new staff

The quality and attention that the University can give to meeting the needs of a new staff member, including making their relocation a success, will affirm their decision to work at ECU and assist in stabilising their life outside the workplace.

This will go a long way towards helping the appointee to be focussed and motivated.

These decisions will be based upon the specific circumstances, negotiation with the appointee and budget allocation.

Hiring Managers are to contact the HR Services Team to discuss relocation service options.

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