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Recruiting fixed-term staff

Fixed-term appointments are for a specific term or period for which there is a start and finish date. The contract must fall into the category of one of the fixed-term contract types described in the Enterprise Agreement.

The employee’s letter of appointment will specify the starting and finishing dates of that employment, or, in lieu of a finishing date, will specify the circumstances or contingency relating to a specified task or project, upon the occurrence of which the term of employment will expire.

Less than 12 months

Fixed-term appointments up to 12 months can be made by direct appointment, based on merit.

More than 12 months

Fixed-term appointments of more than 12 months must be selected by a competitive, merit-based process.

Temporary Variation

This is an Employment Contract used to make temporary changes to existing fixed-term or ongoing contracts terms

Request for Permanent Variation

This is a request to make permanent changes to an existing contract. HR would issue a new written contract once receiving the request.

To initiate any of the above processes, please contact the HR Services team.

Guide to Appointments (‘ECU’s Professorial Research Fellowships recruitment campaign’)

These guidelines outline the procedures for the appointment of outstanding academic staff under ‘ECU’s Professorial Research Fellowships recruitment campaign’ (focusing on Professors (ALEVE) and Research Fellows including ARC and NHMRC Fellows) to enable the University to respond rapidly to opportunities to recruit academic staff of outstanding quality.

For more information read the Guide to Appointments.

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