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Recruiting casual staff

A casual appointment is the engagement of staff that are doing irregular hours or who are being paid by the hour.

Academic casual examples include:

  • marking;
  • adhoc teaching;
  • academic writing; and
  • other academic activities

Academic sessional casuals:

  • full-time for semester/s

Professional casual examples include:

  • activities that are paid by the hour;
  • activities that don’t require regular hours.

Please see your School or Centre Officer to initiate an employment contract for a casual appointee via HROnboard, using the below details form..

The principles and guidelines outlined in Determining Professional Equivalence for Staff Qualifications policy PL280 extends to sessional and casual staff who teach, coordinate or assess courses or units. Where required for new casual or sessional appointments, upload the completed Determination of Professional Equivalence form within HROnboard.

Approval for payment for existing staff member

Once a contract is in place, a request can be made for payment that is not a regular fortnightly payment or time-sheeted via the Staff Kiosk.

Examples include:

  • one-off payments;
  • adhoc sessional payments; and
  • marking payments.
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