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Hiring Managers' Toolkit

ECU's future achievements rely considerably on recruiting high performing, diverse individuals to join its staff community. Hiring Managers have a significant part to play in ensuring talented individuals are attracted to, engaged with and integrated into the University.

This toolkit has been designed to streamline recruitment processes through online guides, tip sheets, checklists and forms. These efficiencies will allow Hiring Managers to invest time into recruitment planning and candidate engagement and assessment.


Outcome: Hiring Manager decides on whether to recruit, based on analysing strategic and operational plans.

The Pre-Recruitment Checklist provides a step by step plan for Hiring Managers deciding if recruitment is the most appropriate option.

Tools for local use

Academic Staff Selection Criteria Templates

These templates based on the ASPEO Framework and are recommended as a basis for recruitment activities for Academic roles. The templates are recommended, but are not mandatory.

For further information, please contact your HR Business Partner.

Additional references

Outcome: Hiring Manager determines methods of attracting high performance candidates.

Recruitment Checklist provides a step by step plan for Hiring Managers preparing for a recruitment activity.

Tools for local use

Guides and Tip Sheets

Forms required by HRSC

Outcome: Hiring Manager decides on an appointable candidate based on the assessment of the knowledge, skills and attributes required for the role.

NB: If candidates have not demonstrated required capabilities, it is recommended to not appoint to the position. Analyse issues and consider alternative options.

The Interview Checklist provides a step by step plan for organising and conducting interviews.

Tools for local use

Guides and Tip Sheets

Forms required by HRSC

Pre-Placement Health Assessments

ECU has a statutory responsibility to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment and, as part of its duty of care to all employees, researches the right to require prospective appointees to undergo a pre-placement health assessment to determine their fitness for the work they are being engaged to do. For further information please refer to the Guidelines to Pre-placement Health Assessments for Hiring Managers.

Outcome: Hiring Manager offers, employs, inducts and clarifies expectations and objectives to the candidate. A candidate transforms into an employee during this phase and a critical step in retaining them for the duration of the contract.

Tools for local use

Guides and Tip Sheets

Forms required by HRSC

Employee Onboarding

Please click the link below to view an animated presentation of the online processes which govern employee onboarding at ECU (please use Internet Explorer to view)

Employment contracts and forms

  • Manager's Guide - Initiating HR Contracts and Letters - PDF File, 105.5 KB
    This guide outlines the various HR processes to indicate which form to use for a particular process and when a letter or a full contract is being issued. This will inform you what needs to be submitted and what notifications your employee/s will receive.

For Ongoing and Fixed-term contracts to be processed by HR Services:

  • Appointment Form / Request for Contract - PDF File, 345.2 KB
    Use this form for the appointment of a new ongoing or fixed term employee, or where an existing ECU employee is moving into another position and WILL BE relinquishing their substantive position.
  • Internal Temporary Appointment Form - PDF File, 1.7 MB
    Use this form for internal temporary (fixed-term) appointments where an existing ECU employee is moving into another position, but will NOT be relinquishing their substantive position.
  • Change in Academic Role - Word File, 139.0 KB
    For academic staff who are requesting and/or assigned to an alternate academic role.

Forms to be sent direct to Payroll Services for processing:

Forms to be processed direct by School/Service Centre (via HROnboard):

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