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Treasurer's Instructions

ECU is bound by several acts of parliament and regulations, including:

  • Edith Cowan University Act 1984 (ECU Act);
  • Financial Management Act 2006 (FMA);
  • Financial Management Regulations (FMR); and
  • Treasurers Instructions (issued pursuant to section 78 of the Financial Management Act)

The Treasurers Instructions prescribe minimum requirements on such matters as accounting for revenue, expenditure and property, standards of reporting and other matters necessary to achieve the objectives and purposes of the Financial Management Act.

In general terms, the Treasurers Instructions must be observed by all agencies to which they apply.

The ECU Act modifies the application of section 78 of the FMA in relation to ECU; therefore it is considered that the only parts of the Treasurers Instructions that apply to ECU are those that address:

  • (a) annual reporting (under part 5 of the FMA);
  • (b) keeping of accounts;
  • (c) form and content of financial statements and reports on operations; and
  • (d) the preparation of key performance indicators;

This does not however exempt the University from any obligations imposed by the FMA provisions themselves.

For further information please contact the Financial Services team.

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