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Frequently Asked Questions

Travel approval is required for short trips when:

  • Overnight accommodation is incurred;
  • Travel is more than 50kms from either home or workplace (whichever is the final departure point) and an external (third party provider) expense is incurred; and/or
  • When insurance cover is required.

Below are some examples for clarification:

  • Domestic travel which involves overnight use of ECU fleet vehicle and accommodation paid for by ECU? Yes, TAS required, accommodation expense incurred.
  • Domestic travel which involves overnight use of ECU Fleet vehicle (no accommodation paid for by ECU)? No, TAS not required. However, a Request to Use a University Vehicle form should be approved prior to the travel.
  • Domestic travel which involves overnight use of ECU fleet vehicle (no accommodation paid for by ECU), but travel meals are charged to an ECU Corporate Card? Yes, TAS required, as an external (travel meals) expense is incurred.
  • Domestic travel in a commercial hire car where more than one staff member is travelling? Yes, each person completes a TAS because the cost is shared.
  • Domestic travel in a personal vehicle? No, TAS is not required, however, the use of a personal vehicle must be approved prior to the travel and if claiming cents per km, the staff member must use the Private Motor Vehicle Allowance Claim form.
  • Domestic travel which involves train expense only? Yes, TAS required, as an external (train fare) expense is incurred.

When TAS is not required in any of the examples above, but insurance is required to cover personal effects (eg home contents insurance does not cover items away from home), then it would be advisable to receive travel approval via TAS. Please email for clarification.

Yes. Refer to the relevant section in the TAS User Manual for instructions.

Yes, but in accordance with the conditions outlined in the Travel Guidelines.

Yes, however, additional costs (e.g. flights, food, accommodation) must be funded personally by the staff member.

In relation to accommodation, there may be no need to apportion the expenditure if there is no difference in the cost of the room, whether it is occupied by one or two people. The accommodation provider will be able to confirm whether the charge varies depending on the number of occupants. An email from the provider will be required to support the allocation of 100% of the accommodation cost to the employee and avoid FBT.

If it's not known whether the cost varies, it would be assumed that 50% of the accommodation will be subject to FBT. For further clarification, email

Yes, but there are rules around this relating to Fringe Benefit Tax. Please refer to the Travel Policy and Travel Guidelines.

University insurances are managed by Risk and Assurance. For travel insurance information, go to Travel Insurance. Contact information in the event of an emergency is included in all travel itineraries from the University Travel Agent.

Ensure you are familiar with the following documents:

1. ECU Travel Policy

2. ECU Travel Guidelines

Additional information is available on the ECU Travel website. Assistance can be provided by School/Centre Officers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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