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Month-end help and timelines

This page contains guidelines and links to more help in relation to month-end and year-end financial processes.

General Ledger Journals

At month-end when General Ledger closes, all unposted journals need to be reviewed and posted to the next period.  The review action can vary, depending on what stage a specific journal had reached when the period closed.

To make a change to a journal, its status must be UNAPPROVED and UNPOSTED.

If the journal shows a status of ‘IN PROCESS' it’s still within the approval process and you can’t change the period or delete it.

You’ll need to find the notification in your work list that tells you the approver has not approved the journal and resubmit it to them or to their manager.

You will then need to contact the approver and ask them to either:

  • reject the approval request so you can delete the journal; or
  • action the approval request so the originator can then unapprove the journal, change the period and re-submit it for approval again.

For step-by-step guides, refer to System Links and User Guides, Oracle General Ledger.

Month-end and year-end Financial Process

Month-end and year-end is critical for Finance and Business Services to meet legal and management requirements. This is also the financial process that drives the delivery of monthly and annual reports for our many stakeholders.

The process is driven by a schedule of deadlines to be achieved by individuals or groups of people. To view the monthly timetable, click on the links below.

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