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Policy Development

The Facilities and Services Centre (FSC) has developed a comprehensive approval process for policies, guidelines, procedures and work instructions they develop or review. Policies and guidelines are required to have FSC Senior Management approval, undergo a comprehensive consultation process with other areas of the University, and endorsement by the University’s Senior Management, whereas procedures and work instructions undergo an internal FSC approvals process. It is to fulfill these requirements that this web page has been developed.

Draft policies, guidelines, procedures and work instructions for comment

The most important stage in the development of policies, guidelines, procedures and work instructions is the consultation process and various groups will be contacted to provide feedback. In most cases 10 working days have been allowed for the consultation process. This is in addition to the consultation which occurs during the development of the document, prior to its release to this web page.

How to contribute

Documents which are ready to be reviewed will be available from the list below. Reviewers will be advised by email and comments requested within 10 working days from receiving notification. Clicking on the link below will download the document and reviewers should provide comments in “track change mode”.

Note: Draft policies, guidelines, procedures and work instructions under development are provided to the University community for consultation prior to approval. They should not be considered to be approved University documents or relied upon in any way.

Further information

If you would like further information on any of the above documents please contact Lorna Viljoen, Manager – Management Systems, at mail or by phone on 6304 2240.

Draft policies for review

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