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Fleet Charges and FBT Implications

Pool Vehicles Charges

Pool vehicle charges are capped to compete with alternative means of travel i.e. hire vehicles or taxis.  This system, combined with the convenience of  local pick-up and drop-off points on each campus, means pool vehicles provide a cost-effective means of travel.

Current charges for 2019

Hourly: $7.76 (pro-rata basis applies), plus 60 cents per kilometre.  These charges are reviewed annually and may be increased to align with the National Consumer Price Index.

Daily: the maximum daily charge is currently capped at $120, regardless of the number of km travelled. For example, a return trip to Bunbury completed in one day would cost no more than $120.

University FBT charges (applies to all overnight bookings)

FBT charges may be payable by the School or Centre when staff (not students) home garage an ECU vehicle.  A vehicle garaged at home, at a motel or hotel, is considered to be available for private use, regardless of whether it is actually being used privately.

This is assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine if the usage will attract FBT.

Generally FBT costs do not apply to hire cars if those cars are used 100% of the time to conduct University business.  In some instances, it may therefore be cheaper to hire a vehicle.  This particularly applies to long distance trips by drivers who infrequently home garage a vehicle.

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