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ECU Booking Vehicles and SmartRiders

This page tells you how to book and maintain a university pool vehicle and how to book a smartrider.

Staff and Students

Staff can book a vehicle or smartrider by logging onto the Poolcar Vehicle System.  You will then be required to present at the CSO counter to collect the keys and provide proof of your drivers licence or to collect the smartrider.

Students can only book vehicles and they will be required to present the completed and authorised Student Request to Use a University Vehicle form.

Journeys outside office hours

For a journey that requires collecting a vehicle outside office hours, e.g. a trip to the South West campus, the vehicle can be booked for collection the day before and garaged at home.  Please ensure you correctly indicate in the booking form: pick-up day and time, return day and time.

Please be reminded that when you book a vehicle for overnight garaging, the request will be pending the approval of your supervisor.

Vehicle maintenance

To assist in ensuring our vehicles are well-maintained, clean and ready when required, users are asked to:

  • refuel the vehicle before returning if the gauge shows half or less (fuel cards are attached to the vehicle’s keys);
  • notify the Campus Support Office of anything wrong with the vehicle;
  • ensure you not the odometer reading before you return the keys.  CSO staff will require this number for checking-in the vehicle back into the system.

Note: For your convenience, a Fleetcare 24 hour customer support phone number can be found in the glove box of each pool vehicle. This will assist you in circumstances such as accidents or breakdowns.


Our customers’ views and opinions are important in helping us to improve the services we offer. If you have feedback about a service or a suggestion let us know by completing a Service Feedback Form.

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