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ECU provides staff and students with transport options for University or course-related business.

Pool vehicles are available, with all fleet carbon emissions being offset.  In addition, ECU makes available and strongly encourages the use of SmartRiders as an alternative travel option.

In line with the University commitment to reduce our environmental impact, ECU fleet runs hybrid, smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles including a fully electric Nissan Leaf.  The most recent additions are solar-powered security vehicles which are repurposed golf carts equipped with a 200W factory fitted solar panel which are more environmentally friendly than petrol cards and help the University reduce its carbon footprint.

The Carbon Neutral Report released in February 2018 for the period January - December 2017 show the emissions from the direct burning of fuel in fleet vehicles reduced for 116.07 t CO2-e in 2012 to 79.43 t CO2-e in 2017 (-36%).  The University has reduced its fleet and equipment emissions of 211.34 t CO2-e in 2008 by 62%.

Please visit the pages in this section for information on:

  • Job needs and senior executive vehicles;
  • Fleet management;
  • ECU booking vehicles;
  • Fleet Charges and FBT Implications;
  • Booking transport passes (SmartRider);
  • Inter Campus Bus;
  • Car Share student and staff vehicle hire;
  • Urbi Bike information; and
  • Contact
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