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University keys

The issuing of keys to ECU’s facilities is controlled through the ECU Master Key Management Policy. As the issuing of keys can jeopardise the security and safety of people and buildings, staff are asked to cooperate by following the guidelines below:

To obtain a key to your office

If you have commenced employment or changed offices, you will need a key. Keys are issued by the Campus Support Office as follows:

  • Prior to visiting the Campus Support Office complete the Move Manager. Occupancy of the office needs to be approved by your School/Centre as well as ECU’s Manager Accommodation Planning. For new staff this process will have been completed by your line manager/supervisor before you arrive.
  • All staff requiring keys will need to provide the Campus Support Office with an authorised Key Application form  detailing all required keys.
  • Visit the Campus Support Office, in most instances a key can be issued while you wait. Occasionally, where differing keying systems are used, there may be minor delays but you will be informed of this.
  • Upon receipt of your key, you will be asked to sign a Key Register form. This confirms you have been issued with it.

To obtain a key to an area other than an office (i.e. storeroom)

  • Download, complete and sign a  Key Application form . Once this form has been authorised by the appropriate person (see back of form) in your School/Centre, take the form to the Campus Support office who will issue you with the key.
  • When you are handed the key, you will be asked to sign a Key Register form. This confirms you have been issued with the key.

To obtain a key to someone else’s office

  • Should you require access to someone else’s office, you will need written approval from the occupier that you have their permission to be issued with a key. This can be done by email to the Campus Support Office.
  • When you are handed the key, you will be asked to sign a Key Register form. This confirms you have been issued with the key.

To obtain a master or sub master key

As the issue of master and sub-master keys can seriously impact on the security of the ECU’s facilities, the process is:

  • Master and sub master keys will be issued only to personnel listed within the ECU Master Key Management Policy.
  • The staff member issued with a master or sub-master keys must ensure such keys are kept in an approved lockable key cabinet (not glass fronted) and that a key register is maintained for the recording of issuing of the keys.
  • Master and sub master keys are never to be taken off campus.

Keys to external doors and service areas come under the category of “master or sub master keys” and require the completion of the online  Master Key Application

To an external door

ECU continues to work towards reducing unauthorised entry to facilities by the introduction of electronic access controlled entry as the primary mode of entry to buildings. However, where a key lock is still in place and a key required the online  Master Key Application is completed and submitted to Security and Traffic Services.

To obtain a service area key

There are ten categories of service keys:

  • MKAS/MKS - services master key opens all service areas and is issued to ECU Security and ECU Maintenance staff only.
  • AS1/S1 - keys to service areas are only issued to ECU Maintenance personnel and ECU staff who have appropriate competencies to enter these areas.
  • AS/S2 – keys to server rooms are issued to Information Technology Services Centre staff upon endorsement from the Manager IT Infrastructure.
  • AS/S3 – keys to cleaning storerooms are only issued to ECU’s contract cleaners and on the south west campus to cleaning staff. Should an emergency clean be required during University operating hours (8.00am–10.00pm) please contact the FSC Service Desk on Ext.5554.
  • AS4 - keys to Plant Rooms, Joondalup Campus only.
  • AS5 - keys to audiovisual cupboards are restricted to ECU IT Services and contractors who have the correct competencies to enter these areas.
  • AS6 - keys to lift motor rooms are restricted to ECU Maintenance and contractors who have the correct competencies to enter these areas.
  • AS7 -  miscellaneous service key.
  • AS8 - keys to bollards.  Bollards are to be replaced as soon as they have been driven through to reduce the risk of unauthorised persons driving into the campus grounds.
  • AS9 - keys to restricted areas and are not for permanent issues.

Where a service key is required the online Master Key Application is completed and submitted to Secuirty and Traffic Services.

Occasionally service keys need to be issued to contractors and this is done under the guidelines of the ECU Campus Access Induction and responsibility for this lies with the relevant ECU Responsible Officer.

Key holder responsibilities

  • All key holders (including all casual staff), must return master and sub master keys to the ECU Security and Traffic Office and office keys to the Campus Support Office when employment/contract ceases or the keys are no longer required.
  • Under NO circumstances should keys issued be handed to another person.
  • Master Keys, Sub Master Keys and Services Keys are to be kept in a secure locked cabinet that has been approved by ECU’s Security and Traffic Services. These key types are not to be taken off campus.

Lost and broken keys

  • If the key is lost, damaged or stolen it must be reported to ECU Security and Traffic Office immediately on 6304 3333 and the online  Lost/Broken Key form completed.
  • Master, Sub Master or Service Keys that are issued then are lost, will jeopardise the security of ECU assets and of the building itself. Should one of these keys be lost the Manager Security and Traffic Services may recommend re-keying the affected floor, section or building in order to maintain the integrity of the security. This cost will be borne by the related School/Centre as custodian of the key.


Our customers views and opinions are important in helping us improve the services we offer.  If you have feedback about a service or a suggestion let us know by completing a Service Feedback Form.

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