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Campus projects

ECU has developed a number of contemporary tools that drive the development of its campuses in support of teaching, learning and research needs. These include:

Strategic Asset Management Framework

The Strategic Asset Management Framework is a mechanism to deliver a structured and consistent approach to the management of high value assets. The framework provides a comprehensive foundation for the management of assets, with a clear focus on both the short term and their longer term use. The framework supports the ECU's goals and vision by ensuring that assets support the delivery of ECU's core business.

Buildings Strategic Asset Management Plan

The 2015-2035 Buildings Strategic Asset Management Plan is based on the drivers of teaching, learning and research growth to meet the Australian Government's targets for higher education attainment and participations. The plan sets out short, medium and long-term plans for ECU.

ECU Masterplan

The ECU Masterplan is a statutory planning document that has been approved by the ECU Council and has been submitted to each Local Authority where ECU has a campus, i.e. City of Bunbury, City of Joondalup and City of Stirling. The ECU Masterplan is also submitted to the Western Australian Planning Commission, the Authority that approves all major developments on ECU campuses.

The ECU Masterplan provides the building pads for future buildings. For all major developments, ECU submits a Development Application to the relevant local authority. The local authority reviews each Development Application and via their Council submits their recommendation to the Western Australian Planning Commission, who is the approval authority for all Development Applications by ECU. The ECU Masterplan is a guiding document that all major developments are assessed against.

The Masterplan is reviewed and updated on an annual basis, for further information on our master plan contact the Director and CIO, Digital and Campus Services.

Space planning

ECU uses an electronic database and user interface (ARCHIBUS + ECUSIS) to provide effective management of its available space. Each location is categorised, allowing ECU to analyse space utilisation by school/campus/room type, etc. Space Utilisation is measured annually via a space utilisation audit and the results of that analysis are used to manage overall space utilisation within the organisation and to assist in strategic planning purposes.

All improvements or expansions to ECU buildings and assets require School/Centre sign off. This is done by completion of a Feasibility Assessment. For assistance in completing a Feasibility Assessment, or for any other information relating to space planning, please contact the Technical Design Branch within the Major Building Projects - Digital and Campus Services.

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