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Travel requirements

In order to travel as a research candidate you must seek approval to do so. Refer to the following table and procedures to find out the correct process to follow.

Type of travel insurance required

This table provides you with a guide to the type of insurance required depending on your travel arrangements.

Type of TravelTravel Insurance Required?Health Insurance Required?
Australian Student travelling within AustraliaYesMay not be necessary as student can access Medicare
Australian Student travelling overseasYesYes
International student travelling within AustraliaYesNot necessary as student covered by compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover
International student travelling overseas (to a country other than their home country)Yes


International student travelling overseas (to their home country)YesStudents may be covered by their home country's health care system

Travel Insurance may cover you for loss of baggage, accommodation costs in case of delayed flights, alternative transportation in case of cancelled flights. Some travel insurance may contain a level of health cover. For specific benefits refer to your policy documentation.

Health Insurance may cover you for some medical bills, emergency medical airlifts and hospitalisation associated with health problems you incur whilst away in a foreign country. For specific benefits refer to your policy documentation.

Travel on scholarship - conditions & application process

If you are receiving a research scholarship you are required to take additional steps to continue your scholarship payments when you travel. You must be able to satisfy the Graduate Research Committee that you will continue to meet the conditions of your scholarship while you are travelling and that you have arranged an appropriate level of insurance.

International students on scholarship

You must discuss your planned travel with a Student Connect Officer, either through Student Central or your School's Research Support Coordinator prior to making arrangements, as there may be implications for your student visa.

Application to continue scholarship whilst travelling

Scholarship holders must apply for the continuation of their scholarship payments during a period of approved travel. The following outlines this procedure:

  1. You should contact your Research Support Coordinator for advice on any additional steps required to approve your travel;
  2. At least one month before planning international travel you must submit an Application to travel for a PG Research Scholarship, supported by your Principal Supervisor, to Research Scholarships. Approval must be obtained prior to departure.
  3. Travel insurance:
  • If you make your travel arrangements through ECU’s preferred supplier for travel, you’ll normally be covered under ECU’s travel insurance policy. You should contact your Research Support Coordinator for advice on booking arrangements through the preferred supplier.
  • If you don’t make travel arrangements through ECU’s preferred supplier, you’ll not be covered by ECU’s travel insurance policy and must make other arrangements for adequate insurance cover.

You should note that approval to continue scholarship payments while travelling only confirms that your scholarship payments can continue during the period interstate/overseas. It doesn’t mean that you have approval to travel. This must be organised through your Research Support Coordinator.

For more information about travel on scholarship contact Research Scholarships. Email

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