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FameLab 2019

Monday, 11 February 2019


FameLab is an opportunity for up-and-coming scientists to inspire people to see the world from a new perspective - in three minutes. Participants must win over a judging panel and live audience with a scientific talk judged on content, clarity and charisma.

In 2018, Marine Biologist Vanessa Pirotta from Macquarie University’s Marine Predator Research Group, was declared joint runner-up of FameLab International with her brilliant tale about using drones to collect whale snot.

Vanessa has since gone on to communicate her research to expert and general audiences, building a high profile on social media as a passionate advocate for the power of science communication.


Since coming to Australia in 2014, over 200 early-career researchers have gone through FameLab’s expert training, presenting their research on stage and entertaining thousands with their fascinating science stories.

The competition offers comprehensive sci-comm training and the winner of FameLab Australia will travel to the UK for the FameLab International finals.

ECU National Finalists

  • Dr Favil Singh, 2018
  • Mr Kunal Dhiman, PhD Candidate, 2018
  • Mr Chaminda Ranasignhe, PhD Candidate, 2017
  • Associate Professor Therese O’Sullivan , 2014
  • Associate Professor Prue Cormie, 2013

Chaminda Ranasignhe, PhD Candidate, School of Medical and Health Sciences

“The first time I heard about FameLab was though the GRS newsletter in my mailbox. I am truly thankful for the experience as I won the audience choice award and competed at the FameLab national final.

FameLab sharpened me in many ways. The training and the masterclasses by the expert science communicators were simply excellent. You get an opportunity to meet a bunch of scientists who are just as passionate (or crazy) as you are.” I

FameLab gave me a chance to challenge myself, and in return I gained experience and skills I never thought I would have. I encourage all ECU students to take advantage of this opportunity.”

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