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COVID-19 Updates for HDR Students and Supervisors

Important information is being regularly provided from ECU to all HDR students through their student email address. This includes information about the full range of support that is being provided to all students during the current COVID-19 situation.  It is therefore critical that you actively monitor any emails sent to that address at this time.

For the latest information visit Information for Students During COVID-19 Outbreak.

Where to access research student support

If you have questions specifically related to your Higher Degree by Research, please contact your HDR supervisor in the first place, or one of the following services:

  • Coordinators Research Student Support services are available to help you with questions and processes related to your candidature. Email GRS Student Support.
  • J42 and research workshops There may be a number of adjustments made to our teaching delivery in the weeks ahead and we will keep you updated. Please keep a close eye on your student emails.
  • Online research skills workshops The  HDR Skills Centre Blackboard site, the GRS Programs Blackboard site, and the ECU Library guides contain online materials and training workshop recordings delivered for HDR students at ECU.
  • Research Skills Training Workshops There are many workshops and events offered across ECU and from external providers. Visit the Workshops and Events Calendar to register for upcoming workshops. Please direct any enquiries to
  • HDR Communication Advisers. Your HDR Learning Support team, Dr Jo McFarlane, Dr Michael Stein and Dr Kylie Stevenson, are available to help you when you are working off-campus.  Email the HDRCA team to make an appointment.
  • Keep in touch with your research community on the ECU Research Students Facebook group

Practical resources for managing your PhD or PhD student

  • Alternative Work Plan - Candidates in different research areas and at different stages of the research journey will experience different impacts due to the COVID-19 situation. We ask that candidates and supervisor panels collaborate on developing an Alternative Work Plan for the next 3-6 months to document these issues and agree on strategies to move forward. This will vary from documenting work-from-home arrangements, alternative meeting formats/times and confirming tasks for those with minimal disruptions to considering reorganising scheduled milestones/tasks, developing alternative research questions, or data collection methods for those with significant disruptions in order to remain as productive as possible over the coming months. Access the Alternative Work Plan here.
  • Organising an online Proposal Seminar - Some students will need to deliver their candidacy proposal seminar in this time and will need to do so online. We have produced a guide for schools that takes them through the steps in establishing a seminar session online, as well as some considerations. As schools may have their own processes, they are encouraged to make use of the guide and adapt it relative to their school requirements. The instructions on setting up a Proposal Seminar online can be found here.
  • Mentoring During the COVID-19 Pandemic ( article) by Dr. Ruth Gotian - Weill Cornell Medicine in New York
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