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New to ECU

Getting Started

Welcome to Research @ ECU

ECU conducts world-class research that makes a difference, focusing on people, partnerships and results. Our research transcends medical practice, driving health outcomes and quality of life. It leverages our unique geographical location, tying the natural environment to the built. It’s also at the forefront of shaping our digital future, addressing the challenges of the digital revolution. And it shapes the culturally-rich society we live in today, informing and protecting communities.

For further information see the ECU World-Class Research website.

Research Integrity

Integrity is one of ECU’s core values - being ethical, honest and fair. Integrity is also a key component of world-class research. In Australia, all researchers are required to comply with The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (the Code). The Code sets out the principles that characterise an honest, ethical and conscientious research culture that facilitates high quality research.

For further information see the Research Integrity web page.

Researcher Professional Development

The Researcher Professional Development Framework (RPDF) will help you target some short-and longer-term development or training that will help you to build your skills and competencies as a world-class researcher.

ECU’s Research Orientation event ‘You, Your Research and ECU’ will take place in Semester 2 2020 Mid-Semester break.

Explore upcoming Training Workshops and Events

Getting Connected

Whether you’re new to ECU research or you’re an existing staff member, it’s good to keep up with the range of support services available at ECU. By engaging with ECU’s research community and connecting with a peer-support network, you will gain access to the best advice and support throughout your career.

Peer Support

There are many benefits of engaging with a peer-support network, including collaboration, knowledge transfer, introduction to potential mentors and an opportunity to promote you and your research. Your network should also involve people external to your field. Your peers may have valuable insight into your research projects and be able to provide advice on potential collaborators and peer reviewers.

Stay up to date with the latest workshops and events for networking opportunities.

Support Services

As a research-active academic, identifying key services and support across the university will provide you with need to know information to help you conduct research at ECU. Visit the links below for more details.

Stay Updated

Bookmark the following websites and newsletters to stay up-to-date with the latest research news, events, grants, awards and other exciting research opportunities.

  1. Training workshops and events
  2. Awards and prizes
  3. Newsletters and Mailers
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