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Professional learning

Undertake the research integrity course with Epigeum.

Research Integrity: Responsible Research; Working with others; and Professional Conduct.

ECU are developing a formal approach to reflect our alignment and application of the Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research (the Code). The development of this University approach to research integrity includes three core areas of Research Integrity:

  • Responsible Research;
  • Working with others; and
  • Professional conduct.

These core areas are reinforced by three institutional supports including:

  1. Professional learning;
  2. Governance, Policies and Procedures; and
  3. Research Integrity Advisors.

Professional Learning

The Code sets out responsibilities for both institutions and researchers to provide or undertake professional learning:Undertake and promote education and training in responsible research conduct.

  Institutional Responsibilities  Researcher Responsibilities
R4 Provide ongoing training and education that promotes and supports responsible research conduct for all researchers and those in other relevant roles. R16 Undertake and promote education and training in responsible research conduct.
R5 Ensure supervisors of research trainees have the appropriate skills, qualifications and resources.

ECU offers all staff and HDR students access to a comprehensive, online Research Integrity Professional Learning (RIPL) program developed by Epigeum.

This program identifies the principles and responsibilities required of every researcher throughout the research process, from planning through to publication, providing practical guidance on dealing with complex issues.

This interactive, online programme incorporates the values and obligations of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, 2018, alongside up-to-date examples, scenarios and case studies.

Suitable for postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and researchers across all major disciplines, along with professional staff who support research, the program delivers comprehensive training to minimise the risk of integrity breaches, increase confidence in published works, and support funding agency requirements.

This training is designed to:

  • Fully address the principles and responsibilities outlined in the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2018), plus key legislation and guidelines that apply to research in Australia;
  • Reinforce the practical implications of the Code, and relate training to researchers’ unique circumstances, with discipline-specific content, including video interviews, scenario-based activities, and polls; and
  • Extend learning via additional links, resource banks, and references, then test understanding via summative, multiple-choice quizzes, which generate certificates that can be used as evidence of course completion.

The program should take approximately four hours to complete and can be done in more than one session. The course structure and modules are:

Core Modules Optional Modules
The Responsible Conduct of Research Conflicts of Interest
When Things Go Wrong: Breaches of the Code Responsible Conduct of Human Participants Research
Planning Your Research The Care and Use of Animals in Research
Managing and Recording Your Research Intellectual Property
Data Selection, Analysis and Presentation Export Controls
Scholarly Publication  
Professional Responsibilities  
Communication and Social Responsibility  

Accessing the course

Please register and log in before you search for the course:

  • Go to the Epigeum website
  • Select the user menu:
    Epigeum - User Menu icon
  • Select 'Register'

    Epigeum - User Menu - Register
  • Complete the form using:
    • Your school or service centre in the ‘institutional specific field’. Please only add either:
      • School of Arts and Humanities;
      • School of Business and Law;
      • School of Education;
      • School of Engineering;
      • School of Medical and Health Sciences;
      • School of Nursing and Midwifery;
      • School of Science;
      • Kurongkurl Katitjin;
      • WA Academy of Performing Arts; or
      • Other: Include your service centre, if applicable.
    • Your ECU staff or student email address
    • Token number: 55d5cf71
    • Please also select the most relevant specialism (discipline) or select ‘other’ if you are from a service centre.
  • Users will receive an automated email from with an activation link which they should click in order to activate their account. Sometimes this email goes to the spam or junk folder. Please check these folders if you do not receive an email.
  • If you encounter any technical difficulties registering or accessing the course, please access technical support here or email
  • Once registration is complete, users can login to the program.
    Epigeum - User Menu - User login icon
  • And access the Research Integrity course through 'my courses'
    Epigeum - User Menu - My Courses

On completion of the core modules and any optional modules, staff or students can download a ‘program certificate’ to provide evidence of completion of the course through the ‘My Courses’ section of the Epigeum website.

All research staff and students are strongly encouraged to complete the training and regular updates on completion rates will be provided to each School’s leadership team and the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research.

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