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Research development advice

As an academic at an Australian University, it’s expected that you will undertake research in your chosen field.

Developing research ideas into fundable projects or into a publication can be a daunting task and usually raises a lot of questions:

  • How do I write an application so that it stands out from the crowd?
  • Which journals should be targeted?
  • What is the best research methodology to employ?
  • If applying for a grant, how will you know if your track record is competitive?
  • If not, what other options will best advance your career?
  • Should you consider ECU’s internal funding schemes?
  • Is your project eligible? Are you eligible?
  • Does my project meet the definition of research - is it research or a consultancy?

The list of questions goes on!

Research Development Advisers

Research Services' Research Development Advisers (RDAs) are available to assist with making your way through the maze of questions for a submission, whether it’s a funding application or a publication.

RDAs will also provide feedback on your draft applications, preferably over several iterations.

Advisers are nominally allocated to the following Schools and disciplines, when required, work across Schools.

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