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The University has a site license for a special piece of software called This software is capable of comparing a document (perhaps an assignment) with a huge database of documents to determine the extent to which the document contents have, potentially, been plagiarised (i.e. copied from other sources without acknowledgement). can be used to detect plagiarism, but it can also be used to help educate students about the risks of injudicious copying of comments and quotes from other sources. Both students and staff can ‘feed’ a document into Once uploaded, the document remains on the website and becomes one of the millions of documents against which others are compared.

It is recommended that staff members use Turnitin via Blackboard when setting assignments. Instructions for setting it up in Blackboard are available on the Staff Web Applications Resources page. Staff needing to use the tool outside of Blackboard, should contact CLD or their Unit Coordinator for more information about setting up an account.

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