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Staff development map

Research suggests that the opportunity for learning and development is one of the top five considerations when searching for a new employer.

ECU’s value of Personal Excellence supports a culture of continual learning. Throughout your career journey you will be able to participate in personal, professional and career development opportunities. Whether you are an academic or professional staff member, your line manager can help you to map a development plan relevant to your needs throughout each stage of your career. Figure 1 sets out the ECU career journey.

Browse through this website to see learning and development opportunities which may be relevant at each stage of your employment.

Management for Performance System

The Management for Performance System is the vehicle in which development needs are discussed and planned between the staff member and manager. The MS Online Tool, available in the Staff Kiosk, allows staff to develop a Review and Development Plan. It prompts staff to consider their career aspirations and development needs. A list of scheduled sessions is available as well as room to record other relevant development opportunities. In this way development plans are agreed upon as part of the years Review and Development Plan.

The Staff Development Portal

This is a website within the Learning Intranet which lists all available internal scheduled workshops. By clicking on the title you will open a window with a description of the course. You can also see all the scheduled dates and locations available. By clicking on the “nominate” link you will be seamlessly directed to the Staff Kiosk where after login will automatically take you to the correct page to enrol. There are various ways to browse the Staff Development Portal which will be shown on the left hand side of the home page.

As part of your contract and welcome email you will receive some policy documents which will outline some of the requirements and expectations of your employment. You will also receive some links to various induction courses which can be completed when you commence in your role, as well as some other interesting information to begin your orientation into the organisation.


Your line manager will guide you through various activities to develop your understanding of your local work area and ECU Operations.

Learning and development opportunities include:

  • Introduction to your role, team and working expectations
  • Orientation of your local area and campus tour
  • Staff Induction (Online)
    • Getting started – help to get you settled in to your new environment, including parking, Staff ID and access cards, access to Staff Portal and Staff directory.
    • Required items – This is the formal part of the online induction where you need to work through various items as part of your employment. (Links to Inductions below).
    • Staying connected – outlines ECUs official communication channels
    • Life at ECU – This helps you to explore what else ECU has to offer with regards to facilities and activities for you to get involved in.
    • Salary and Superannuation, Benefits, Recognition and Reward
    • Role based specific information
      • Academic staff
      • Professional staff
    • Managers and Supervisors section – to help you induct a new staff member
  • Required Inductions – As mentioned in your welcome email you will have been automatically enrolled into several inductions required by legislation. These and other inductions are listed below. You will be notified as to which inductions you are required to undertake either via your contract or your line manager.
      • Health and Safety Induction (Online) (Enrol); OR
      • Short Term Casual worker induction - for employees who are anticipated to work less than 150hrs over the course of their casual contract (Online) (Enrol)
      • Emergency and Evacuation Training (Online) (Enrol)
      • Equal Employment Opportunity Online 1 (EO Online 1) – All staff (Enrol)
      • Equal Employment Opportunity Online 2 (EO Online 2) – All supervisory staff (Enrol)
      • Records Awareness Training (Online)
      • IT Security Awareness (Online – Blackboard)
      • Occupational Safety and Health for Managers and Supervisors (Enrol)
      • Laboratory and workshop inductions
      • Equipment inductions and assessments

Relevant documents and links

Staff Orientation

Face to Face workshop and networking lunch. All new ongoing and fixed term (more than six months) staff are required to attend.

Learning and development opportunities include:

  • An insight into the University’s strategic priorities, key functions, life and culture at ECU.
  • Networking opportunities with Senior Executive staff and other new appointees.

Relevant links

Probation involves setting work objectives, identifying professional and academic development opportunities and confirming training requirements required for your role.

Learning and development opportunities include:

All Staff

  • On the job training including systems training
  • Professional and academic development workshops within the following categories, offered in a variety of face-to-face and blended models.
    • Personal Excellence and Self-Management (Includes Customer Service, Communication and more)
    • Managing People and Processes (Operational management and leadership)
    • Shaping Operational and Strategic Thinking (Strategic leadership)
    • Research (Research skills and HDR Supervisor Inductions)
    • Teaching and Learning (For academics in teaching roles)
    • Technology (IT software and teaching technologies)
    • Workplace Health and Safety (Inductions)
    • Health and Wellness (Live Life Longer Wellness Program)
    • Seminars and Events

The Staff Development Portal allows you to view all professional and academic development courses available for enrolment.

  • Some roles in the University require further regulatory and or legislative training to be allowed to undertake the work required. You will be advised of this by your line manager or other relevant party.
  • LinkedIn Learning – Browse this comprehensive library of expert video tutorials and courses that can be viewed at your own pace whilst on campus or at home. Courses are available on many topics relating to business, technology, education and life skills to name a few. (Login via the Staff Portal – Easy Logins)
  • Management and leadership just-in-time resources (provide link when available) – This is a compilation of articles, web links, LinkedIn Learning courses and face-to-face workshops to guide you in building your skills within a flexible framework.

Academic – Teaching and Learning

  • The Centre for Learning and Teaching offers a PDC program that provides essential professional development for academic staff across a range of different academic staff roles. The courses run throughout the year in line with semester times. Teaching academics are able to enrol in these courses via the Staff Development Portal (as above).

Academic – Research

Ongoing development is available throughout your employment. This is discussed and agreed as part of the Management for Performance System.

Management for Performance (MPS)

MPS is the system in which staff and managers work together through an annual cycle to plan and review individual performance and identify opportunities for career development and training.

Role Development

As your role develops and you set your work objectives for the year you may require additional or continued capability development. Building on the previous sources of development in the above sections, you may also take advantage of some other internal and external avenues as agreed by your line manager.

Learning and Development Opportunities

All staff

  • Leadership and Management - Supervisor Program and Management Excellence Program
  • Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) membership and courses
  • Australian Higher Education Industrial Association (AHEIA) workplace relations courses
  • Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) Education and Training
  • Australian Institute of Management WA (AIMWA) Link
  • Institute of Public Administration Australia WA (IPAA) Courses
  • Other external courses or conferences as agreed by manager

Academic – Teaching and Learning

  • The Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) offers a peer review of teaching programmes that fosters professional learning, teaching observations and discussions of teaching practices.
  • ECUlture is an annual conference for staff involved in teaching and learning to share their experiences, practices and outcomes
  • CLT offers a variety of workshops and individual support aligned to the ASPEO framework and good teaching practices. For more information see the Learning Intranet.

Personal and Career development

Change (link to change website) is a constant within the global business community and ECU is no exception. Investing in personal development will help you adapt to future changes and pursue new career opportunities. To ensure your skills and capabilities remain relevant and you enjoy personal growth and a fulfilling career there are many opportunities for you to continue your development.

Building on opportunities outlined in previous sections you may also access:

Learning and Development Opportunities

  • Resources and workshops to help in applying for new positions
  • Live Life Longer – Wellness Portal
  • Development and training in volunteer roles including Fire Warden, First Aid Officer, Occupational Health and Safety Officer.
  • Management and Leadership Development
    • Management Excellence Plus – pathway and one unit credit towards ECU Graduate Certificate of Business
    • Emerging Leaders and Managers Program (eLAMP) – Joint ATEM and LHMartin/University of Melbourne Program
    • School of Business and Law Excellence Scholarship
  • JLP Mentoring Program – The Joondalup Learning Precinct (JLP) includes ECU, WA Police Academy, NM TAFE and Joondalup Council. Staff can participate in a mentoring program where they will be matched with someone from one of these organisations to work on individual capability needs.
  • Other external PD courses or conferences as agreed by line manager
  • The ASPIRE Program – An initiative of the Perth Convention Bureau, ASPIRE awards are granted to individuals to assist in their personal and professional development, either through attendance at a relevant international conference, or by undertaking further study in their chosen field of endeavour.
  • Public lectures coordinated by the Corporate Events Team
  • Professional Staff Study Leave (as per agreement with your line manager in accordance with the Collective Agreement)
  • Professional Development Fund – Professional Staff and Academic Career Development Fellows may be eligible to apply for funding for career development options.
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