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Background and resources

The RBDF was revised after extensive research and consultation to respond to current and emerging challenges within the higher education sector. It integrates with other University initiatives designed to improve organisational excellence such as the Management for Performance System (MPS) and the Academic Staff Performance Expectations and Outcomes (ASPEO) Framework. The human resource life cycle diagram (see right) shows how the RBDF and the ASPEO align with HR processes as staff are planned for, recruited, developed and rewarded along their career path.

Underpinning the RBDF are:

  • The ECU People Capability Matrix - details capabilities, sub categories and descriptions for each.
  • The ECU Behaviour Contribution Rubric - clarifies expectations for behaviours relating to capabilities, described as a variety of skills, knowledge and attributes, on different levels of complexity.

The RBDF matrices are living documents that will be periodically aligned to the strategic direction of the University. These are useful documents for staff seeking to understand capabilities as they relate to position descriptions, and they provide insightful information when applying for promotion and other opportunities within the University.

Organisation Development  has created a number of resources to help staff implement the RBDF which are available here for download. For further information about the RBDF, or to seek assistance in the use of the RBDF web-based tool, please contact Organisation Development on 6304 2162 or email Alternatively speak to your Human Resource Account Manager directly.

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