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Management Excellence

The Management Excellence program provides a variety of learning opportunities for ECU’s current mid-level managers to develop and improve their management and leadership capabilities.

Participants attend regular workshops contextualised for ECU, to enhance their learning, network with other managers and engage in discussions around various management and leadership topics. Participants work with their line managers to embed their learning through opportunities made available in their workplace.

Through undertaking additional reading and assessment activities, participants can articulate into the ECU Graduate Certificate of Business with advanced standing for FBL5010 – Managing people and organisations, the first of the three required units. The Graduate Certificate of Business is the first year of the ECU MBA program.

Topics included in the Management Excellence program are:

  • ME Induction
  • Introduction to management
  • Developing as a leader (Self-awareness)
  • Leading and developing teams (Motivating and empowering others)
  • Developing a highly productive team culture
  • Leading change (Change management)
  • Strategic thinking and execution
  • Shaping the future (Creative thinking and decision making)
  • Organisational Culture and Ethics

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Proactively manage, people, relationships, process and outcomes
  • Shape strategic and operational thinking
  • Demonstrate increased levels of contribution across management and leadership capabilities critical to ECU

Teaching & Learning Processes

  • Interactive workshops
  • Practical on-the-job application
  • Reflections
  • Online resources and activities


  • Informal formative assessment
  • Formal assessment includes a learning portfolio, and development plan
  • For FBL5010 Advanced Standing, a higher level of academic rigour is required within the assessments plus extra assessment activities

For information regarding the Management Excellence program please contact Pamela Basden (Phone: 6304 5331;

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