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Strategic Thinking, Planning and Execution

These resources may contain some self-assessment tools. These are provided as reflective tools to increase your self-awareness. They are not recommended for any other use. For work with your team, please ask for assistance from Organisation Development.

Organisational culture includes artefacts, espoused values and basic assumptions and behaviours all of which contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organisation. Leaders and managers with a realistic picture of the organisation’s culture will be most effective in inspiring and motivating their staff and leading through change.


Lynda Courses

  • Organisational Culture video (from “Enterprise Agile: Changing your culture” course)

ECU Professional Development Courses

Further Learning

To ensure to best paths are followed, managers and leaders need to be able to think critically and creatively when making decisions and finding solutions.


Lynda Courses

Creative thinking (47m)

Learn behaviours and techniques that can help you be more creative both on an individual basis and in a team setting.

  • The world of creativity
  • Individual creativity
  • Group creativity

Solving business problems (39m)

Learn how to solve business problems using a repeatable process.

Critical thinking (1h 6m)

Learn the basics of critical thinking, an essential skill for problem solving and decision making.

  • Understanding critical thinking
  • Thinking the problem through
  • Using critical thinking tools

Strategic planning involves a systematic process of identifying a vision and direction for the future and translating the vision into broadly defined goals or objectives with a sequence of steps to achieve them. Although this is seen as the responsibility of senior leaders, all leaders need to be involved in strategic planning within their area of influence.


Lynda Courses

Thinking like a leader (52m)

Develop your strategic leadership by studying and making insightful connections between your company, your market and your customer.

  • Company savvy
  • Market savvy
  • Customer savvy

Strategic planning foundations (1h 26m)

Learn how to conduct an effective strategic planning process that results in a clear, compelling strategic plan for your team or organisation.

  • Before you begin planning
  • Defining the strategic environment
  • Setting your strategic direction
  • Determining how you’ll compete
  • Evaluating and prioritising opportunities
  • Assessing your initiative portfolio
  • Organising for success

ECU Professional Development Courses

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