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Leading Others

These resources may contain some self-assessment tools. These are provided as reflective tools to increase your self-awareness. They are not recommended for any other use. For work with your team, please ask for assistance from Organisation Development.

The Higher Education environment is constantly changing. There are many drivers to these changes and ECU needs to adapt in order to remain competitive and sustainable. Resources are available to help managers facilitate change from an individual, team and organisational level.

ECU Change Framework

Coaching employees is a key role of a manager and a very important management style. Knowing how to use coaching techniques will help you to develop your staff to find their own solutions, leading to increased motivation and growth.


Lynda Courses

Coaching and developing employees (1h 5m)

Learn how to coach, transform, and empower employees and teams in ways that increase retention and improve the bottom line

  • Overview of workplace coaching
  • Building your coaching skills
  • Giving your team tools for growth and development
  • Maintaining the coaching cycle
  • Creating a high performance organisation

ECU Professional Development Courses

Employees who are engaged, motivated and find reward in their work will perform well. Effective leaders understand how to help their employees to find fulfilment in their work to ensure they perform at their best.


Lynda Courses

Motivating and engaging employees (1h 50m)

Learn how to motivate your team and retain their valuable contributions over time.

  • Understanding your team
  • Building relationships
  • Creating a strong culture
  • Offering opportunity
  • Troubleshooting common challenges

ECU Professional Development Courses

Further Learning

Bringing together a group of high performing people will not necessarily translate into achieving effective outcomes. All teams move through stages, each of which will require managers to use various strategies and provide focus and support in different ways.


Lynda Courses

Building your team (56m)

Learn how to build an effective, efficient team from the ground up.

  • How leaders prepare for team building
  • Stages of team development
  • Types of teams
  • Key elements for a team
  • Managing team meetings

Managing teams (1h 23m)

Learn to motivate, communicate with, and manage a team.

  • Motivating your team
  • Managing team performance
  • Developing others
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Managing conflict
  • Making work fun

Building high performance teams (2h 23m)

Discover how to accelerate your team’s performance

  • Building a high-performing team
  • Setting direction for a high-performing team
  • Gathering and deploying resources
  • Assembling the team
  • Allocating work and prioritizing
  • Executing the plan
  • Motivating people and resolving conflict
  • Developing the team

ECU Professional Development Courses

Further Learning

Leaders adapt their leadership style to suit the situation and individual needs of their people if they wish to create an environment where team members will thrive and perform at their best.


Lynda courses

  • Please visit for more information

ECU Professional Development Courses

Further learning

To develop our capability in this area it is helpful to understand what the fundamental principles of leadership. The term Leadership means many things to many people. For example:

“The only definition of a leader is someone who has followers” – Peter Drucker

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” – Warren Bennis

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others” – Bill Gates

“Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less” – John Maxwell

Kevin Kruse ( provides a broader definition “Leadership is a process of social influence which maximises the efforts of others towards the achievement of a goal”.


Lynda Courses

Leadership foundations (1h 24m)

Cultivate leadership traits that will help you inspire your team, successfully manage change and conflict, and better serve the needs of your organisation.

  • Understanding leadership
  • Developing your leadership skills

Stepping up to leadership (44m)

Learn some seasoned leadership tips.

  • Leading others
  • Building relationships
  • Getting results

Business ethics

Find out why business ethics are critical to company success and learn how to create and implement an ethical code in your organisation.

  • The basics of business ethics
  • Establishing business ethics guidelines
  • Defining your company business ethics expectations
  • Tips to ensure business ethics and embraced
  • Troubleshooting areas

ECU Professional Development Courses

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