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Management and Leadership Resources

This web resource provides relevant “just in time” resources to help managers gain the knowledge required either to deal with a current situation, or as a longer term capability development resource.

It provides resources under the following headings:

Understanding and Developing Self

Build self-awareness and develop strategies to relate effectively to your environment.

Developing and Managing Relationships

Build and maintain effective relationships and partnerships across all levels, both internal and external to the University.

Managing for Results

Prioritise, develop, establish and implement attainable objectives to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and results achieved.

Leading Others

Empower, develop and motivate others so that they can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve performance.

Strategic Thinking, Planning and Execution

Establish directions, objectives and resource requirements for ECU’s needs and opportunities.

Resources include PDF and web guides*, courses, ECU Professional Development courses and more. (* includes Mind Tools, CEB Gartner and more).

Included in these references are many tools to assist you to reflect on your personal preferences and those of others. It is important to note that these tools should only be used as a personal stimulus for reflection. They should not be used inappropriately in the workplace, for example, to drive unguided team discussions. For these situations, please contact the Organisation Development Team (ODT) on who will provide professional assistance.

The ODT can also assist you with a number of psychometric assessment tools where you require professional input to make decisions about appointments, a person’s suitability for some aspect of work, or to determine individual or team developmental needs.

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