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Panopto for Staff

With Panopto, you’ve got a single tool to Record, edit and publish academic video and audio content from your computer or mobile device.


For further support contact: for at-the-elbow support: Training:

How to obtain the Panopto Recorder software

  • For Windows SOE computers - available from the Software Centre app.
  • For Mac SOE computers - available via Self Service app.
  • For all other (non-SOE) computers - available for download and manual installation from the Panopto Library page (Download link provided in the top right corner): You will be automatically prompted to install the recorder software the first time you attempt to record.
  • Recorded videos can be managed in your Panopto Library page (ECU login details required):

Panopto Video Workflow

See detailed step-by-step

Unit Rollover and Panopto

Following rollover you need to link your unit to the previous semester’s Panopto Content Folder. Instructions for this simple operation can be found in the Linking to Past Panopto folders quick guide.


Panopto Video Workflow

Useful Resources

Lecture Capture Policy

The Lecture Capture Policy outlines the principles to be applied by the University, in relation to the recording of all undergraduate and postgraduate Lectures in technology-enabled dedicated teaching spaces.

Find Support and Videos

To register for upcoming Panopto workshops, visit the Staff Development Calendar.

Mobile Devices

To use the Panopto application on your mobile device, you will need to enter the ECU site address and your ECU login details.

  1. Launch the Panopto application on your device
  2. Select Sign in
  3. Select Change site
  4. Select Enter URL
  5. In the Address field enter:
  6. Select Sign in and enter your ECU username and password details.

Recording Best Practices


Panopto workshops

These 1.5 hour workshop provides an introduction to video capture at your desk or mobile device using Panopto. Each session is a practical, hands-on approach to the video production workflow (capture, edit and view).

Content in this workshop session includes: recording in Panopto, video editing basics, embedded quizzes, linking to Blackboard and recording best practices.

View the latest Panopto offerings

Panopto provides monthly training webinars on basic and advanced topics.

A recording of the webinar is available to registered users if you are unable to attend at the scheduled time.

To see the schedule and register for upcoming training sessions, visit:

To register:

  1. View the above page and select create an account.
  2. Enter your details (for the Panopto Site URL, enter:


The Australian Copyright Council provides guidance on the use of audiovisual material by educational institutions.

Section 28 of the Copyright Act does not allow reproduction. Only material broadcast from Australian free to air or ECU subscription TV or radio can be freely included in a recorded lecture.

Where material is included in a recorded lecture, and such material is (or is taken from) a broadcast from Australian free to air or subscription TV or radio, the reproduction of that material and its communication to students through a password protected platform such as blackboard will be covered by the statutory licence under the Copyright Act.

If third-party material is not a broadcast from Australian free to air or subscription TV or radio (e.g. a Netflix show or a YouTube clip) it should not be included in a recording (TechSmith, Camtasia, Collaborate) unless consent is obtained from the copyright holder.


This can be fixed by re-uploading but only from the computer you recording it on. The instructions can be found in the Recover a Panopto Video tip sheet

Following unit rollover you need to link your unit to the previous semester Panopto Content Folder.

Instructions for this simple procedure can be found in the Embedded Panopto video location quick guide.

Download the Quick Guide: Linking to past Panopto folders

You can also see the simple diagram explaining the structure

If you have received reports that your students cannot view your Panopto videos or if you have received some emails similar to the one below, this means that your Panopto videos are not correctly set up.

Panopto request permission email heder

The issue occurs when a video is linked or embedded in your Blackboard site when it has been recorded in your private folder, typically your My Folder.

This is easily addressed by following the two steps outlined below.  Please follow these steps, or contact eLearning Assist ( or leave a voice mail at x2777) and we will be able to guide you through the steps over the phone.

Step 1 – You must add and configure the Panopto tool link in each Blackboard site that you want to use: follow the instructions in the following guide -  Add Panopto to Blackboard PDF, 266.1 KB

Step 2 – You must move the video(s) you have linked in the Blackboard site from your private folder (e.g. My Folder) into the Blackboard site folder: follow the instructions in the attached guide - Move your Panopto Videos PDF, 451.95 KB\

Again, if you need any advice or further help, please contact us at eLearning Assist ( or leave a voice mail at x2777).

You can manage your recordings in the Panopto Library page.  The URL for the Panopto Library page is:

Yes.  Access your Panopto Library page and click the download link provide in the top right corner of the page:

Panopto can provide a report on your viewer statistics.  It also provides a report on how many viewers dropped off before finishing and locations in the video that have received greater attention.

For more information on this feature, access the Analytics support section on this page.

No, Panopto works fine on all browsers.

Student-made recordings sit in Panopto and are not stored on Blackboard.  There is no file size limit

You don’t need to as the existing ECU system will continue to serve these videos, however there are major advantages to creating/moving ILA’s into Panopto:

  • Panopto provides far easier editing than Camtasia Studio does
  • Panopto ILA’s will roll over at the end of semester without ever breaking
  • Quiz marks in Panopto can go straight into Blackboard Grade Centre
  • Panopto ILA’s allow extensive tracking of who is watching your videos

To request 1-on-1 assistance at your desk, please contact the LTSO’s ( or 6304 2255).

Ensure that you have the following enabled in the Panopto recording screen:

Windows computers:  For Secondary Source, select “Capture PowerPoint”

Mac computers: For Slides, select “Record PowerPoint”

In PowerPoint select the Slide Show presentation mode.

Yes, but not immediately. Techsmith Relay recordings stored on My lecture will remain available until late 2019. You will eventually need to download videos from the MyLecture site and upload to Panopto. You will then need to change the video link in Blackboard to the new location in Panopto.

To request 1-on-1 assistance at your desk, please contact the LTSO’s ( or 6304 2255).

Yes, having uploaded your video to Panopto, you can edit from your internet browser. It is important to note is that editing in Panopto is a “non-destructive” process, meaning that if you delete something accidentally or change your mind later, you can always un-delete it!

For more information on editing videos, refer to the Quick guides and support resource section on this page.

Yes. Panopto will record the entire session but hide the paused section from students. You can unhide the pause later, so if you forget to resume recording from a pause it won’t affect your final video

Yes, both Blackboard unit sites need to have had Panopto added (refer to Quick guides) which creates a Panopto ‘unit folder’. You can then copy the video into the other unit folder.

You could also copy the share link from the settings of the video and insert that hyperlink into a unit content item, however the video will appear as a basic link until selected.

Yes, assuming you have allowed this in the videos Settings the students will see a download icon on the video when played.

The same copyright rules apply to Panopto as for any other capture system.  If you are using material you did not create yourself in your capture, check if it can be recorded with respect to copyright. Refer to the Copyright section on this page for more information.

Alternatively you can embed YouTube videos and web links in the video by following the instructions provided in the Edit support section on this page.

Students access unit recordings from within a Blackboard unit site, either from the specific content area you have placed them in (eg “week 3 content” folder) or from a Panopto side menu that you have made visible.

You can find the page called “Manage Recordings” either by logging into Panopto as installed on your computer or through accessing the unit folder configured in your Blackboard site.

Panopto is capable of capturing voice, webcam, desktop and other video inputs like a document camera and camcorder, which are called streams. Panopto can record multiple streams simultaneously. You can also upload documents, web links and youtube videos into your presentation.

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