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Panopto for Staff

CLT has been developing set of resources to support teaching during COVID-19. They can be found at Teaching off campus.

With Panopto, you’ve got a single tool to Record, edit and publish academic video and audio content from your computer or mobile device.

How to obtain the Panopto Recorder software

  • For Windows SOE computers - available from the Software Centre app.
  • For Mac SOE computers - available via Self Service app.
  • For all other (non-SOE) computers - available for download and manual installation from the Panopto Library page (Download link provided in the top right corner): You will be automatically prompted to install the recorder software the first time you attempt to record.
  • Recorded videos can be managed in your Panopto Library page (ECU login details required):

Panopto Video Workflow

See detailed step-by-step

Unit Rollover and Panopto

Following rollover you need to link your unit to the previous semester’s Panopto Content Folder. Instructions for this simple operation can be found in the Linking to Past Panopto folders quick guide.


Panopto Video Workflow

Useful Resources

Install Panaopto

Lecture Capture Policy

The Lecture Capture Policy outlines the principles to be applied by the University, in relation to the recording of all undergraduate and postgraduate Lectures in technology-enabled dedicated teaching spaces.


The following strategies can be applied to enhance the accessibility of lecture capture videos.

Design PowerPoint slides for accessibility

It is important to design teaching materials that are equally available to all students. Ensuring the information you present on your PowerPoint slides is easy to see, read, process, and understand will increase the likelihood of key messages reaching all of your students.

Accessible information design with PowerPoint (pdf)

Lecture capture and captioning practices for accessibility

The following tip sheet provides some recommended practices to improve accessibility.

Best practice to lecture capture (pdf)

Manual Captioning in Panopto

This guide and video covers the process of adding and editing captions manually to your recording.

Quick guide to manual caption your video (pdf)

Creating and Editing Captions (video 2:14)

Automated Captioning in Panopto

Panopto has the ability to add Automatic Speech Recognition generated captions to your recordings.  This guide and video outlines the process of importing automated captions into a video using the editor (please see the cautionary note to using automated captioning in the Quick Guide below)

Quick guide to automate caption your video (pdf)

Importing Automatic Captions (video 2:29)

Viewing a Recording with Captions

To view a captioned enabled video, you need to access the video in full screen Panopto view.  The following guide and video show how to access the caption feature and caption viewing options.

Quick guide to viewing captioned videos (pdf)

Caption View Controls (video 1:30)

Find useful recording tips and applications

To register for upcoming Panopto workshops, visit the Staff Development Calendar.

Panopto Analytics help identify the most engaged learners as well as those struggling with particular topics. New visualizations highlight topics of interest as measured by timestamped comments and personal notes.

Analytics provide insights into the most popular videos as well as those that generate the highest engagement and most discussion. This information can be used to identify the most compelling or confusing topics.

Note: anonymous statistics appear any time a session is viewed by someone who is not logged into Panopto. If your session is shared publicly on the web or to anyone with the link then viewers can watch without logging in.

Watch the following videos to gain insight on how to review and print reports from the Analytics tool in Panopto:

Mobile Devices

To use the Panopto application on your mobile device, you will need to enter the ECU site address and your ECU login details.

  1. Launch the Panopto application on your device
  2. Select Sign in
  3. Select Change site
  4. Select Enter URL
  5. In the Address field enter:
  6. Select Sign in and enter your ECU username and password details.

Recording Best Practices and Use Cases


Panopto workshops

These 1.5 hour workshop provides an introduction to video capture at your desk or mobile device using Panopto. Each session is a practical, hands-on approach to the video production workflow (capture, edit and view).

Content in this workshop session includes: recording in Panopto, video editing basics, embedded quizzes, linking to Blackboard and recording best practices.

View the latest Panopto offerings

In addition to the scheduled sessions published, this workshop can be arranged for small groups and one-on-one training on demand.

Please email: to request a session.

Panopto provides monthly training webinars on basic and advanced topics.

A recording of the webinar is available to registered users if you are unable to attend at the scheduled time.

To see the schedule and register for upcoming training sessions, visit:

To register:

  1. View the above page and select create an account.
  2. Enter your details (for the Panopto Site URL, enter:


General ECU issued copyright guidance for Staff

Visit the Strategic and Governance Services web site with details on Copyright for Staff

Embedding video clips in recorded lectures

Section 28 of the Copyright Act does not allow reproduction. Only material broadcast from Australian free to air or ECU subscription TV or radio can be freely included in a recorded lecture.

Where material is included in a recorded lecture, and such material is (or is taken from) a broadcast from Australian free to air or subscription TV or radio, the reproduction of that material and its communication to students through a password protected platform such as blackboard will be covered by the statutory licence under the Copyright Act.

If third-party material is not a broadcast from Australian free to air or subscription TV or radio (e.g. a Netflix show or a YouTube clip) it should not be included in a recording (TechSmith, Camtasia, Collaborate) unless consent is obtained from the copyright holder.

Australian Copyright Council guidance

The Australian Copyright Council provides guidance on the use of audiovisual material by educational institutions.

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