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Learning portfolio (PebblePad)

PebblePad is the learning ePortfolio used by ECU. It is useful in the classroom because it allows students to take control of their own learning. PebblePad provides scaffolding to students, giving them skills that can be directly integrated into their working life.

PebblePad is much more than an ePortfolio. It is a Personal Learning Space being used in learning contexts as diverse as schools, colleges, universities and professional bodies; by learners, teachers and assessors; for Personal Development Planning, Continuing Professional Development, and Learning, Teaching and Assessment.

PebblePad incorporates:

  • collaboration
  • self and peer assessment
  • planning and reflection
  • collection of evidence
  • demonstration of outcomes

What can you do with PebblePad3?

PebblePad3 has two core modules: Pebble+ and ATLAS.


Pebble+ is the Personal Learning Space that provides you with a space to record a myriad of experiences, make sense of your learning and collect your assets into powerful presentations that reflect your growth, knowledge and capability - all supported by a host of structured and reflective templates.


ATLAS is the Institutional Space that supports active teaching, learning and assessment. It is the space where learners, organised into groups in workspaces, will typically submit their assets for feedback, peer review or validation. ATLAS facilitates activities like blind and double blind marking, external review, grading and assessment archiving.

To make the life of the teacher easier, ATLAS includes:

  • shareable, reusable collections of feedback statements
  • customisable feedback templates
  • extensive reporting on submitted assets
  • tools to manage multiple groups in a single workspace
  • 3-level approval system for comprehensive quality assurance
  • complete logging of workspace activity

Training and Support

To register for upcoming PebblePad workshops, visit the Staff Development Calendar.

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