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Learning Environment Accessibility

What is Learning Environment Accessibility?

Learning Environment Accessibility refers to making the internet and resources available online clear and easy to use for any user, regardless of any physical, mental or any other difficulty.  Learning Environment Accessibility for a university refers to the public website, the student and staff intranets and the units available online.

Access the complete Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) which covers a wide range of recommendations for making Web content more accessible.

Why is it important for a site to be accessible?

1. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (Link opens in new window), 18.5 percent of Australians have a disability. Students are not obliged to divulge their disability and many of these disabilities are hidden, particularly in an online setting.  By providing students with accessible sites, we can be certain that students have a reasonable opportunity to achieve in their studies.

2. It is against the law not to. Please see the Australian Human Rights Commission for more details. (Link opens in new window.)

3. Taking notice of the clarity of your site, being consistent in your language choices and ensuring your instructions are clear will help all students and give students a variety of ways to learn.  Making your Learning Environment site accessible makes your course a better and more constructive place learn.

Lecture Capture Panopto Recording Accessibility and Captioning

For information and tips to accessibility considerations for video recordings and Panopto, visit the Panopto for Staff page > Accessibility.

Microsoft PowerPoint Captioning and Subtitles

The following video is an overview of the captioning feature in PowerPoint.

Make your presentations more inclusive with live captions and subtitles in PowerPoint

n/a - Added: 3/12/18
View the following instructions on how to add captions and subtitles in real time to a PowerPoint slideshow.

Microsoft Word Accessibility Guides

The following tip sheets and guides will help you create accessible resources for your students.

Blackboard Accessibility Guide

The following tip sheets and guides will help you create accessible resources for your students.

Accessible Unit Plan Template

The below Unit Plan Template has been formatted to meet accessibility requirements using Word's Styles feature. When editing or adding to the template it is important to continue to format headings, tables, etc according to accessibility requirements.

It is advisable to download and read the Accessibility Tipsheet for Microsoft Word (above) before attempting to edit the Unit Plan Template.

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