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Assessing WIL

The aim of WIL is to provide an learning experience that enables students to relate knowledge and practical skills both from university to the workplace, and from the workplace to their university studies.

Make assessment tasks authentic

Assessment tasks in WIL units should be authentic and allow students to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and achievements built up over their course of study.

Identify learning outcomes

It’s important that learning outcomes are clearly identified to students before placement and reliably assessed during the placement.

These may include:

  • Specific theoretical or professional knowledge;
  • Professional competencies;
  • Professional skills, such as communication skills or team work;
  • Personal development and transformative skills.

Evidence of learning

When designing assessment tasks consider that students must be able to recognise what learning outcomes they have achieved and where they are in terms of being ready for graduation.

Well-structured assessment tasks should provide students with evidence of their learning, which can be used in a portfolio to demonstrate skills, knowledge and abilities as well as work readiness.

To get started please go to visit the Work Integrated Learning page.

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