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Study at another institution

Cross-institutional study means that you may gain approval to study units at a host institution and credit that study towards your award at Edith Cowan University.

Cross-institutional enrolment needs some preparation as you need to discuss your situation with your school student support officer, gain approval and then apply to the other institution before their closing dates.

Applying for cross-institutional study

  1. Obtain an application for cross-institutional enrolment from Student Central or your Course Information Advisor.
  2. Contact the School Student Support Officer to obtain approval.
  3. Submit your approved application, together with a copy of your current academic timetable, to Student Central.
  4. You will be sent or handed the processed form, together with a photocopy which you need to keep and submit to Edith Cowan University when results are obtained from your host university.
  5. Apply to the host university for entry.
    Approval from Edith Cowan University does not guarantee acceptance by the host institution.
  6. If your application is accepted by the host institution it is your responsibility to arrange your enrolment into the required units and the payment of any fees at the host university.
    Submit to Student Central a copy of your confirmation of enrolment from the host university.
    If your application is not accepted by the host institution advise Student Central.

Studying cross-institutionally

Rules, procedures and semester dates vary between institutions. When studying cross-institutionally you are governed by the institution providing the course of study into which you have enrolled:

  • For units at the host institution you need to comply with the host's requirements - payment of fees, closing dates, administrative procedures, etc.
  • For units at ECU you need to fulfill Edith Cowan University requirements.

e.g. submitting a course withdrawal to Edith Cowan University will not withdraw you from your host institution units.

Applying to have the study credited to your ECU award

When you receive notification of results from your host institution you need to apply to have the study credited to your Edith Cowan University award. Usually, you will need to apply to the host institution for an official transcript of results.

Submit the following to Student Central:

  • your transcript of results
  • copy of your original application for cross-institutional enrolment
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