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What can we offer?

ECU understands that athletes require increased support to successfully integrate their studies while training and competing. As a result, athletes under the Elite Athlete Programme at ECU may be able to negotiate their study options related to enrolment and assessment.

Flexible study options

Enrolment related needs

  • ability to tailor academic study load to integrate with sporting commitments;
  • negotiate lecture, tutorial and practical timetables to accommodate sporting commitments;
  • extension of the maximum time allowed for completion of a course due to periods of a decreased study load;
  • ability to defer a course numerous times (for example, Olympic or World Championship years);
  • cross-institutional study options with interstate universities;
  • provision of summer or winter school units and an ability to study through mixed modes of study, swapping between off-campus and on-campus and;
  • access to off campus study materials and class notes for missed lectures, tutorials and practicals.


  • ability to negotiate assessment deadlines based on sporting related travel commitments;
  • ability to sit exams under external exam conditions if the athlete is competing out of the state;
  • minimum attendance at lectures, tutorials or practicals waived where student-athlete is unavailable due to sporting commitments and;
  • recognition of credit achieved at interstate universities.

School Leavers

ECU recognises that training and/or competition for an elite student-athlete may affect their academic performance during year 12. Elite athletes intending to apply for study at ECU are encouraged to submit a letter for special consideration to the Director of Student Services. Athletes may be granted concession on this basis.

Gym membership

Athletes registered under ECU’s Elite Athlete Scheme (and currently enrolled in an ECU course of study) may be eligible for free membership to the ECU Health and Fitness Centres (available on the Joondalup and Mt Lawley campuses).

Balancing study and sporting commitments

Tips to balance your studies and sporting commitments

Below are a few strategies to help you make the most of your University experience under ECU’s elite athlete scheme.

Make yourself known

It’s a great idea to introduce yourself to the Course Information Hub and let them know about your Elite Athlete status.

Plan ahead

It’s a good idea to think in the long-term with regards to your study commitments. If you are aware of any major disruptions to your University studies such as, national/world championships, overseas training etc, in the near or even distant future it is recommended that you mention it to your Course Information Hub when planning enrolment as it may affect what you need to enrol in now.

How to make a request for special consideration

Requests for special consideration must be made in writing. A comment to your lecturer or tutor is not sufficient notification. You will need to email the Course Information Hub, who will liaise with the appropriate course coordinator.

Request early

If you require or, think you may require, special consideration or alternative arrangements, we advise you to make your request sooner rather than later. If you are not certain that you will require these special arrangements we advise you to make a request regardless. It is easier to cancel arrangements than to organise them given little notice.

Having difficulty balancing study and your sporting commitments?

If you’re having difficulty managing your study load, do not hesitate to contact your Course Information Hub. They will be able to assist you with any concerns you may be having.

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