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Counselling Referrals

The ECU Counselling Service provides counselling to all current ECU students residing in Australia* to address any personal issues that impact on their academic performance. The service offers short to medium-term counselling (6-10 sessions per calendar year). Where necessary, counsellors will refer students to other agencies for specialised support or treatment.

All appointments are booked through extension 6706 (9370 6706) and counsellors are based on the three campuses:

  • Mount Lawley - Building 3, Room 3.128 (Ground Floor)
  • Joondalup - Building 34, Room 34.245
  • Bunbury - Building 1, Room 121 - Please note face to face appointments available Tuesdays and Thursdays only

How do I refer a student?

Although you can recommend or suggest to a student that they make contact with ECU Student Counselling for assistance, you are not able to directly book an appointment for a student. If you are unsure whether a student might benefit from counselling, please call us to discuss your concerns.

Please note that consent and privacy considerations mean that we must speak directly to students to arrange appointments. We must gain their explicit agreement to attend, to collect personal information and to directly arrange a suitable appointment time according to their timetable. It is also important to note that a student is not obligated to attend an appointment when referred by a staff member and ECU Counselling cannot provide you with information about a student's attendance or progress unless the student provides us with explicit written consent to speak with you.

Important Information: If you are recommending that a student come to counselling to obtain supporting documentation in relation to extensions, deferrals or withdrawals, please note that these documents will NOT be provided for students as a matter of course if we have not had contact with them (at least twice in the current semester and are actively engaged in the counselling process) and are unaware of their circumstances. If a student is having difficulties, then please refer them to the service, however if they are wanting documentation specifically, please encourage students to disclose this with reception when calling. Exceptional circumstances do occur and need to be determined by the counsellor as to the appropriateness of providing documentation on an initial session.

What if a student needs an appointment urgently?

Emergency appointments

We have 30 minute appointments available each day at either the Mount Lawley or Joondalup campus for urgent situations, including when students are distressed and/or dealing with unexpected personal difficulties, such as bereavement. We can offer a phone appointment if triage is not available on the student's home campus and they are unable to travel to attend a face to face appointment at another campus. Emergencies will be prioritised according to level of need and urgency. As this appointment is reserved for genuine emergencies and depends on demand, students may only be seen briefly at that appointment. Assignment deadlines, census date and considerations for examinations are not considered urgent and regular wait times apply.

Human Incident Support Response (HISR)

The Human Incident Support Response process must be followed when:

  • You have immediate concerns for the safety or wellbeing of an ECU student or students, including the risk of self harm or violence
  • ECU students are involved in, or witness, unexpected, serious incidents that involve actual or threatened death or serious injury or a threat to their physical safety (such as accidents and assaults)
  • Any other incident/issue that requires an immediate response

Please note that in an emergency situation, you should contact the relevant emergency services such as police or ambulance as required.

Security should be called on 6304 3333 if there is a situation requiring an urgent response that does not need an emergency services response.

The Counselling Service often forms a part of this response and students will be referred by the Director and/or Senior Manager of the Student Services Centre as required as a result of the contact with ECU Security. If you require further information about HISR, please contact Dr Glenda Jackson's office on extension 3881.

What about support for students after hours?

The Counselling Service does not provide after-hours counselling. Again, if students are involved in an unexpected incident over the weekend or after hours, please call Security on 6304 3333 who will contact the relevant person.

If the situation does not warrant the HISR, the following after-hours contacts can be provided to students:

  • If it is an emergency, call 000
  • Their local GP, family doctor or a GP after-hours clinic
  • Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit their website (twenty-four hour and crisis telephone and online counselling)
  • Crisis Care on 9223 1111
  • Mental Health Emergency Response Line on 1300 555 788
  • Suicide Call back Service 1300 659 467 (twenty-four hour counselling)
  • Sexual Assault Resource Centre on 1800 199 888

What about staff counselling?

Staff counselling is available through ECU's Employee Assistance Provider, PeopleSense. PeopleSense provide phone, face-to-face or online support, and have counsellors across a number of locations in the metropolitan area. You can contact PeopleSense on 1300 307 912 or (08) 9388 9000 or email:

For further information about accessing PeopleSense, please visit the Employee Assistance web page.

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