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The Records and Archives Management Services (RAMS) business unit is responsible for the University's records management governance, administration, management, education, and regulation.

Our primary role is to provide an effective framework of management controls, including:

  • tools and techniques;
  • training and support programs;
  • quality assurance and monitoring; and
  • management analysis and reporting.

This ensures that the operating environment is in accordance with best practice principles and industry standards.

Business objectives

The RAMS business objectives include:

  • provision of an effective and efficient records management system;
  • desktop information management and control;
  • desktop search and retrieval;
  • planned and controlled disposal programs for inactive records; and
  • preservation and protection of archival and vital records.

Guiding principles

Our services are guided by the following principles:

  • to support the University at every level by meeting the needs of staff, students, researchers, business partners, affiliates and members of the public for timely access to accurate information;
  • to ensure complete, accurate, reliable and useable documentation of University business activity is captured and preserved in order to meet current and future legal, evidential, accountability and research requirements; and
  • to contribute to efficiency across the University by reducing the costs associated with the management of records and records-dependent activities.




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