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Job needs and Senior Executive vehicles

ECU leases the majority of its vehicles. The monthly lease cost for these vehicles is charged to Faculties or Centres via our Vehicle Management System and includes fuel and scheduled maintenance costs.

ECU’s Fleet Manager is responsible for the purchase and disposal of all ECU vehicles, as well as providing assistance in determining which vehicle is most suitable and how much it will cost.

Application process:

  • Discuss your requirements and vehicle options including costs with the Fleet Manager.
  • Complete a quote request (sent to you via the Fleet Manager after initial discussion).
  • Complete a "Requisition for University Job Needs Vehicle" form or “Requisition for Senior Executive Vehicle” form and wait for the vehicle quote to be provided by the Fleet Manager.
  • Attach the vehicle quote to the application form and seek appropriate approvals.
  • Send the approved application form to the Fleet Manager.
  • The Dealership will liaise with you directly to arrange for vehicle delivery.
For Fleet Manager's details, see our contact page.  
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